More fun and interesting websites will be linked to this page soon!



        Discovery Kids  is a kids version of the Discovery Channel with information on

      Science, nature, animals and all kinds of other cool stuff.  




        Kids Planet  is another cool place to explore and have fun while learning



        Nickelodeon  is a place for kids to go and visit their favorite Nickelodeon characters

        and TV Shows. There's also games to play online.


         Seussville  is a place to explore the world of Dr. Seuss and visit characters like The

         Cat In The Hat.


         Disney Playhouse   is a place to visit your favorite Disney characters, explore the  

         world of Disney, and play games.



      National Geographic For Kids  is a place to explore the world of nature, science, and

       culture. Here you can visit places from all over the world and see beautiful pictures.



        Ranger Rick  is a nature website created by the National Wildlife Federation. On this

        website you can learn a lot about animals and see amazing photos as well.


       Cameras For Kids  now has a Facebook fanpage to help photographers, educators,

      and others to network and collaborate on photography and other enrichment




       Yosemite Web-Cam   Visit the Yosemite National Forest and take a peek at what it

       looks like form several different locations - These are live cameras in real time!

                               (they only seem to work durring daylight hours)



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